Book 2 in the Black Shadow Moon duology

Black Shadow Moon ~ Stoker's Redemption

Bram Stoker lived to tell his tale. Now he faces a fate worse than death…

Author Bram Stoker thought he’d seen the last of the vampire Vlad Tepes. While his literary masterpiece Dracula is now nearly complete, the guilt of having put his friends and wife in danger follows him daily. The despair deepens when Stoker learns Tepes has bound himself to the author’s wife and claimed her for his own.

With vampire blood coursing through her veins, Stoker’s only option to keep her from becoming undead is to slay the beast. Once again, Stoker must enlist Henry Irving and Arthur Conan Doyle to destroy the fiend who inspired Dracula. What he doesn’t know is that they’re in for the fight of their lives… and souls.

Stoker’s Redemption is the second book in the Black Shadow Moon series, which puts a fresh horror twist on the events that inspired Bram Stoker’s immortal classic. If you like spine-tingling reads, heart-pounding action, and Victorian authors like you’ve never seen them before, then you’ll love P.G. Kassel’s dark paranormal thriller.

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